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Plate equipment
Soft porcelain production equipment
Suction-cup on the trigger
Sheet metal plate turnover
Thin plaster production equipment
Really stone paint paint spraying machine
Paint spraying machine series
UVPaint spraying machine
Furniture paint spraying machine
Spraying robot
Aluminum veneer paint spraying machine
Roller coating machine series
uvCuring machine
Double roller roller coating machine
UVThe putty machine
uvThe coating line
The robot series
Handling robot
Spraying robot
Factory automation
Do you often come across these problems in the middle of the production

1.For painting workers!
2.Product surface paint spray paint coating is not even,Have an orange
3.Good product surface is pitting

4.Waste too much oil,Unable to recover,The spray line not to go out
5.Buy the equipment,Can't find the skilled operation and technical personnel
6.Equipment quality is not stable,After not in time
7.The whole equipment can't form a complete set of upgrades

Four big advantage products


Province paint

The province

The operation is simple

The six major advantage


The complete coating equipment products

Have a full range of coating equipment products

Development, coating equipment with advanced spraying、Roller coating、Curtain coating、Automated conveyor coating equipment, etc!

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Custom equipment for free for your business

Custom equipment for your business

Chinese paint spraying machine for your custom painting scheme of automatic and intelligent,The color of the production and equipment,Size,Size can be customized equipment, etc。

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Professional after-sales service system

Professional after-sales service system

Chinese painting equipment company specialized after-sale service policy,Provide you with every year2The door test,Maintenance services,Provide 24-hour after-sales service!

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Try a free proofing;

Free sample test

Development, the company can provide customized products and services free of charge,Eleven years research and development,Design,Manufacturing experience,Welcome to my company free proofing try spraying;

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Provide professional technical support services

Provide professional technical service support

For every purchase of development, spraying equipment,Companies can provide professional machine program free lifetime upgrade service;

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Free technical training guide,Easy to learn easy to operate!

Free technical training guide, easy to learn and easy to operate

Production technology of skilled technicians and free training operators。

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Henan development, coating equipment co., LTD

Covers an area of henan development, coating equipment co., LTD55m,Is a professional automatic coating equipment research and development、Production、Sales、After-sales service set of integrated enterprise,From the company2009In research and development、Production of paint spraying machine、Roller coating machine、Robot and related equipment。 The company has fully automatic spray paint production line、Roller coating line、Curtain coating line、The application of robots, etc of a complete set of assembly line production equipment:On the automatic machine、Sanding machine、Cleaning machine、Automatic paint spraying machine series(Wood paint spraying machine、Furniture paint spraying machine、Really stone paint paint spraying machine、Lidan lacquer paint spraying machine、Fluorocarbon paint spraying machine、UVPlate paint spraying machine、Line paint spraying machine、Glass paint spraying machine、Aluminum veneer paint spraying machine, etc)、Series roller coating machine(Single roller roller coating machine、Double roller roller coating machine、Is the inverse roller coating machine、Sponge roller roller coating machine、The putty machine、The putty machine)、The robot(Spraying robot、Welding robot、Handling robot)、The shower curtain machine、Flow dryers、UVLight curing machine、Automatic laminating machine、Under the automatic machine、Automatic quadrilateral cutting saws, etc。

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Henan non-standard machine equipment sales manufacturers
Henan non-standard machine equipment sales manufacturers Henan metal plate machine automation equipment and complex,Design work hard
Machine equipment on new ones
Machine equipment on new ones​ As a whole Suction-cup on the trigger The device has simple and reasonable structure,Using the flexible operation、Performance can be


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