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Tianjin prosperous general nc tool hardware now faces the society and individuals,High-priced recycling all kinds ofCNC cutting tools,Recycling import tap,Recovery of nc tool brand:Sandvik,Walter,McKenna,Mitsubishi,OSG,YAMAWA,Kyocera,Hitachi,The mountains are high,Toshiba,Sumitomo,BIG,NS,Can wait。Recycling of nc tool varieties:Sandvik blade,Mitsubishi blade,Kyocera blade,Hitachi blade,The mountains are high blade,Toshiba blade,Sumitomo blade,BIG The blade,NSThe blade,Superior to the blade。And recycling vertical milling cutter、RAngle cutter、Alloy bit、Screw tap、Extrusion screw tap、The tool holder、The knife dish、Stranded tungsten wire scrap,Waste molybdenum wire,All kinds of tungsten alloy scrap leftover material,Acquisition of various waste used CNC cutting tools。

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